because news analytics are better than web analytics

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We help news organizations...

  • Know what types of journalism users engage with and why
  • Empower journalists to measure and improve their own performance
  • Create "blended metrics" to track audience engagement in a way that matches your strategy and values
  • Create and track different audience segments and their path to subscription
  • Learn what to do more of, do less of or do differently

Key features

Customized Dashboards

Surface insights separately for reporters, editors or managers

Engagement Scores

Blend pageviews, time, sharing (and more) into one metric for easier and more meaningful analysis

Newsroom Priorities

Track performance toward your own important editorial and business goals

Segment audiences

Isolate groups by demographics, behavior or loyalty stages to track who matters most

Journalism Characteristics

See which qualities, topics or story forms, make your content more engaging

Automated Insights

Receive alerts about content opportunities and trends

Who uses Metrics for News?

More than 70 publishers have used Metrics for News to refine content strategies, re-organize their newsrooms, create blended metrics, grow audiences and track key segments and subscription funnels

Resource-strapped publishers

Can refine content strategies and foster more awareness of analytics in their newsroom

Large newsrooms

Can house all their analytics in one place and create custom Engagement Scores

Performance-driven managers

Can track staff performance and measure against organizational goals

Subscription-driven publishers

Can track key audience segments and their paths to subscription

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